No points received for leveling Taunter with diamonds? (for glory)

Since Atlas PvP is disabled during a rider/primarch leveling event (so I can’t get more glory) I decided to use some ungodly amount of diamonds to level my taunter. Much to my chagrin I did not get any points in the event.

I have only used diamonds to speed or to make up for missing gold in the past but since using rubies (I know, not the same currency) during say a breeding event or to transfer xp during the event I can’t mention without getting a forum timeout, I naturally thought I would get points.

At the very least I thought I was “buying” glory with my diamonds and subsequently using the aforementioned glory, which should give points. I put in a ticket but wanted to know if it’s just me experiencing (or feeling) this?

:thinking: This does seem odd. Question, did you still have to pay gold or diamonds to actually upgrade the prim once you had purchased the glory/xp for it?

Nope, I had gold, very little glory so I hit level or whatever and it said I needed to spend (20-30k) diamonds for missing glory. When I clicked it, the taunter was leveled up (once I speed it with more diamonds) but no point change in event.

Coincidentally, John from support says he looked at logs and says I earned 42k points. I wish I had screenshot before leveling. Maybe I’m just smoking my breakfast. If I am brave I might try it again but I’m nervous to try.

Hello FLAKnIceHole,

Thank you for reaching out to us, Dragon Lord. My name is John of the War Dragons Support and please let me help you out. I checked your Atlas Event logs and true enough, we can verify that you have earned 42,252 Points last June 5, 3:35 AM PST . Rest assured that the points were credited correctly and no issue in the process has happened so we can conclude that nothing is lost in your Atlas Event progression, Dragon Lord.


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So it’s official, I’m a maroon…

I just spent 1,200 diamonds to level my sieger (interesting tip that I could level it without it being summoned) and got about 1,236 points (he’s a baby since I focused on others).

Ignore that man behind the curtain…

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