No progress on water dragon shrine

My water dragon shrine progress has stopped. Although I have killed several dragons while defending it has been stuck at 3/20 for the last 4-5 defenses

There is no progress on Dragon Shrine when defending event attack.


Orca is correct. Annoyingly, they still show the water dragon animation and the counter going up after your defense, but the count won’t actually go up. It’s a very misleading visual.


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This is very frustrating. I have missed out on so many credits the past two days. Fix the problem!! It seems things are having problems daily. I want my game to work properly. Get it together

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There’s no problem—this is the way it’s intended to work. :t_rex:

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What is the logic behind this being intentional? Why is this , this way? Or is it a bug that we have all just learned to live with? Does anyone know why this is a sound idea, If in fact it really is intended ? What is so broken about coounting kills ( while defending) in the event?

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It’s been going on for a while, so I’m guessing it might be intentional… maybe they thought people would be more inclined to defend against event attacks and didn’t want players to be getting the water dragon every minute.
Or it’s a glitch they can’t fix. That seems to be more plausible. I don’t know, I’m not PG. :t_rex:

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I guess it’s the amount of attack.

Normal runs only give exp and rss to the player. Thus the amount against a base shouldn’t be too much (unless it’s a farm)

War runs allow only one successful run against one base, thus the amount should be reasonable.

Event runs will ensure that a base can be targetted for too many times due to limited target and rewards. This will make the amount of defense far from reasonable.

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I also heard that the water dragon was something implemented before PG bought the company and that they can’t fiddle with it without messing things up. So I think what we have now is what we’ll have for a while. Disappointed but not surprised. :t_rex:


I heard the same thing. I think the dragon is hard coded into the game at this point


It is slippery ( for obvious reason) and it sometimes has bad Days.And it is a god.
Edit: Is the level of our Water Dragon based on our base level or is its level based on how many times we have summoned it, thus it goes up in levels?


PG once admitted that they have no idea how the water dragon works due to the fact it is old coding before they bought the game. So we are stuck with the glitches.

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