No replays again?

Replays seems to be missing again since the update. For example at event start I had 1.4 million wood. I have 1 replay showing an attack that took 47k wood from me… yet I have only 140k wood remaining.

Replays are disabled for a period after every update. If your replay log only shows one line item, are you on Android? A couple iOS users have also reported that they’re only getting one now as well…

The most reliable way is to check for any black banners on your base buildings (or on attack towers if attackers don’t get far) upon noticing that you got attacked. Tap one of those before you do anything else, and it’ll show you a more detailed log.

Unless it’s just me Android always gets only 1 thing shown in the log. The black box thing is nice when it actually shows up which isn’t always but even if it does you have to pick one replay, as everything vanishes after that. I don’t get it.

Android only getting one in the replay tab is business as usual for android :cry: ; CL posted on the old forums that it was causing crashes, though I’m hoping they can revisit that sometime. Only one replay for iOS is the weird thing. For the black box, you’d have to screenshot it, out of luck otherwise - would be nice to be able to bring it back up again.

I’m sure you mean screenshot to go back and see what dragons, players, etc. hit you but doesn’t help with watching any more replays lol :wink:

This update actually fixed my one line issue! :pray:t3:

iOS. No black banners on the towers like it usually is. A new attack came in, erased the 1 attack that was showing in replays and now only that 1 new one shows

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