No rubies in prizing?!

I was looking at my prizes for the pit event and it said there were no rubies?! If this is just me PHEW but if this is for real you are going to have a mass exodus pg


It’s not just you. There is a total of 2 rubies in prizes. Also why do we have to wait another 18 hours until we can attack. This is just getting laughable now!

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I am very upset this is a joke and it’s not a funny one

Yup no rubes :man_shrugging:

Rubies are a big deal to get super sigil


Same thing with mine. 2 rubies total. :woman_facepalming:t2:

This isn’t funny

Team ranking points! Anyone else seeing this :expressionless:



Yeah get in here we are really upset

Tell us this is a glitch please

Also I’d like to welcome you two back to the place we’re we can get mad at pg and something even occasionally happens

Didn’t we tell PG not to screw us out of our rubies? And didn’t they say they wouldn’t?
What the Hell PG, you always find a way to go lower.


What a joke, am I the only one who thinks it’s time to give this game a miss


Consider me a retired player if rubies aren’t fixed. Should be doubled after nonsense they already caused. So tired of pg :man_facepalming:t3:

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Also no quest of course which cause -700 sigils also

They gave us 500 sigil to cover that and max to get from quests are 400 but rn we are mad at pg

500 sigils doesn’t make up for the 8-9k rubies I get every event

@PGGalileo we sorry but… you dont deserve rest this weekend til answer all this crazy things :joy: :joy:


It’s not gallileo a fault at least not alone but I want my 12 k rubies I get per event