No sigils in bronze chests anymore?

did i miss any changes in sigils policy? sommer season started with 0 sigils in bronze chests (opened about 100), is that a new improvement?

For this event, there is a 5.5% chance of dropping 25 sigils in the bronze chests. There is a 0.12% chance that the bronze chests will drop 125 sigils.


You can check the drop rates by clicking on the i next to the chest names


I’ve had several 25 sigil drops already, they’re definitely in there.


I had several sigil drops from bronze yesterday. You must have angered the RNG gods


that definitely looks like it :smiley:

I opened 970 bronze and got 1470 sigil

If it was that easy to get sigil from bronze chest, PG wouldn’t make any money.

I got alot of sigills in my saved bronze chests

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