No sigils in bronze

Am I just supremely unlucky or has anyone else seen a drop in droprate for sigils from bronze? I’ve opened at least 200 this event and I got one drop at the very beginning. That seems a lot lower than I’m used to, which was roughly a drop every twenty chests.
Oh yes, forgot to mention, chests themselves seem comparatively sparse :frowning:

Same here. I’m doing runs as usual but only get less than half of the previous amount of chests plus they contain nothing but 15min timers and base boosts.

I must say though before this and after it has been drought central

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Still 6 times as much as I got :joy::disappointed_relieved:

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I opened 2000 bronze this event and must say there is a lot of sigils :clap::clap::wink: but probably less than a minor event

That’s what I usually get

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