No silver chest

I had enough sigils for the silver chests so I claimed them. They never showed up for me to open.

Silver chests are currently unavailable to open because the special sigil chests are active.

You will be able to open them in the future (probably at he start of the next event.

Please read announcements in-game mails properly and use search forums before re-asking same question again and again


Just to add to this the Sigil Chests will probably exist until the end of season (1 more event).

Again, please read in-game mail properly Grr.
They are available only until 12 pm PST on monday.

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Silvers will come back shortly before the beginning of the next sigils event. You got them alright, they are just hidden right now…

Only for the “weekends” of the last two weeks. Silvers will be back after this event until the Friday of the next event most likely.

Yes Luffy i was aware, I worded my response incorrectly, I meant to say that i know they go away at the end of this event but that they will usually be available over the next event also.

They’ve actually already gone away :slight_smile:

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