No Silver Chests

Can someone explain why during treasure hunting from Random Attacks that nobody has gotten a silver chests. Yet the developer of PG. says everything is working fine. NO NOT everything is fine. How about fixing all these bugs once and for ALL!

I’ve gotten silvers…even two mythic draws (somehow) in the last few weeks, so it can’t be a universal issue.

Have you gotten then from random attacks or from the event attack rewards?

I have watched them pop up on screen during invader runs within the last 3 days. Not calling you a liar; more data more better!

Edit: other players have reported no chest drops for weeks on end in the past.

Well your the first of hundreds of playes I have talked to that has received any during random attacks or invader runs. Gratz! At least we know now that at least one player out of thousands have recieved silver chests.

It’s something to do with chance. you cant just get a silver chest every match because it shouldn’t be called silver if I get more silvers than bronze. (Anyways I would be rich).

I’ve had about 10-20 silvers from drops roughly. I haven’t been keeping an exact track but I’ve seen a bunch fly into the screen as I kill monuments

Hmm. I don’t think I even know hundreds of players. You must be very popular!

And then your hundreds magically became thousands in the space of a sentence! What is this magic?


Bronze, Silver, gold.
Silver’s rate is about 1.4%, so be patient…

Always get a good portion of silvers from just grinding

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“Hundreds” means “Me and this guy Unreliable Eddie I know” in annecdotal evidence speech.

And I’d rather get bronze chests than silvers anyway, the silvers are trash.


I’m happy with both (bought some for M. Ammo)

I moved from 152 to 182 silver chests stocked in my armory during this last event. So it was working fine for me. Noone on the team reported that problem as well.
I don’t remember ever having a trouble with silver on my side honestly, although had several with bronze.

I am positive that I did, even 5 days later.

:thinking: I wonder how you did that. (but I find it hard to believe you actually did that).

I got them to :eyes:

My question is why do you even want silver chests? Bronze are much more useful IMO

Occasional Mythic Rage and Mythic Ammo? :eyes:

Hey @OrcaFrost, when is better to open the silver chests? Or when Mythic Rage / Ammo are available? At all the events or specific ones?

(I guess that if I want to open them, should be today because the Super Sigil will replace it… but anyway, is there a ‘best’ event?)

Mythic rage is available all times, while mythic ammo is quite rare on Silver Chests (all listed in my drop list).

That said, please do record the indices, whether you get it or not. Will be helpful.

As for now, Fort gives Sorc/Hunter/Warrior attack + rage. The others give “dragon” HP, Fire flak, Ice flak, and lightning HP + rage.

Ammo still has no known pattern