No spending week


In response to all of our friends who were banned yesterday & in response to the many bugs that pg has still yet to fix in this game, we are going on a no spending strike. From 10/20/2017 - 10/27/2017

PG fix this game, lift the permanent bans on our fellow war dragons lords who were banned yesterday because of your programming & give them a month for their first offense. These people love this game but there is going to come a point where they no longer want to play it because you got rid of all the people who gave this game life. Sure you could probably care less what the rest of us have to say as long as you still have your whales in diamond leagues providing your income but even they are getting bored.

And if I get banned because of this then, so be it. I’ll just go and raise hell on Facebook.


Was they banned by mistake or for a cheat? If it was a cheat , good riddance to bad rubbish, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

If it was by mistake, PG will sort them and unban them.

As a protest a non spending protest , I nearly wet my underwear , good luck with that lol


Are we talking about supporting all the players that deliberately took advantage of a game glitch which enabled them to have an advantage over other players who chose not to abuse or did not know of a game fault.

Yeah let’s stop spending to support cheaters! I think not.


No spending strike during breed event? Good luck.


It’s probably easier if your team ask those exploiters to write up a nice apologetic email to PG telling them you are truly sorry and as a good will roll back their acct to the first day of abuse in exchange for unban.


Did you know that PG actually gave that glitch to diamondleague players for spending lots of money on the game? Is that fair that they weren’t banned?


I’m not saying support cheaters. I’m suggesting to revise their banning “system” because they know damn well that their whales weren’t banned for using it & it’s not fair to the rest of us who weren’t using it. I lost friends yesterday. I want to quit the game now because they are never coming back and all i’m Left with are whales who keep cheating using ap mode & all kinda other bs that pg still has yet to fix.


Good will gesture? Lol. Perhaps they should be just grateful to be unbanned to any stat PG chooses.


And I’m sure when PG fix AP mode and other bs they will assess who has abused the cheat and crack down on them. Cheating should NEVER be tolerated and players doing so should be stopped from playing.


Well we don’t have to agree Merlin.


I am a little confused from your comment here.

What is a whale? Isn’t it someone that have cash growing on their backyard and they are swimming in it? So they can simply buy everything they need instead of doing the forge bug. Why wait?
Why would PG give them the bug if they are already accelerating at godly speed? It is only more logical to give it to small fries so they can be food for the whale.

Then your saying it’s unfair for the rest of people who weren’t using it. But your also saying that your friends were using it and got banned. So you want your friends to have unfair advantage over the rest of people and yet it is unfair but only because they are your friends so it is OK?

I still would suggest you to ask your friends to just file a ticket admit what they did and ask for a rollback in exchange for unban


I seem to remember PG saying at the time that they were aware of the glitch and wouldn’t be taking action against those that had been using it, but they would against people that continued doing so (with a possible ban). So…what’s the issue? They didn’t take them serious, oops. As for no spending, I don’t anyway, so don’t confuse my continuing not to with supporting unbanning :see_no_evil:.


Hello. I’ve written a long post explaining the background of the recent bans. I suggest you read it here: People being banned for using the forge


I tend to believe that there’s a lot more to something than the vast majority of us know about, and that a decision to ban, i.e. losing a customer, is something that isn’t done lightly. I don’t know the specifics, so I’m going to assume there was either an infraction or a mistake. I don’t know which, because I don’t work for PG and I’m not a banned player. So, I reserve judgment because it’s not mine to make.

I do know that when I feel frustrated and don’t have an explanation, and I come onto the forums or one of the other groups and find information to fuel my feelings of unfairness, that I tend to have to check myself, because there are two truths: playing this game is a choice I make; and I only have control over my own choices and behavior. If I can’t move forward with some degree of positivity, I need to take a look at why I’m still playing this game, and what I stand to gain from feeding into negativity and victim-like behavior and discourse.

I’m not saying love it or leave it, I’m just saying there is usually less « evil » stuff going on than you might think, and that there really are options in how we all behave, and what type of energy we choose to put forth in this game and its community.

We had a teammate who found a glitch, pointed out the glitch, and got banned. They’re back. Getting back into game involved direct communication with PG. Player and PG, as a result of that communication, came to a resolution. Let’s hope the players who feel they were unjustly banned will take the same action. None of us knows the details, so I’m inclined to leave this in the hands of the players and PG.


I assure you PG would never deliberately release a glitch; especially not for the top spenders in the game.


Uh, what? We banned plenty of spenders for exploiting yesterday. We didn’t “give” an exploit to anyone. Please stop making false claims.


@PGJared unfortunately some players have lots of stories to tell, but no proof. Vast majority of us just ignore but good on you for calling him out for spewing rubbish.


My brief stint of post history will show I’m not exactly in love with support this game offers, but this post is ridiculous lol. Good on pg for banning the cheaters


That is just absurd to me that you would even think that PG would “give a glitch” to the diamond players. And from the sounds of it the people that were banned were found to have done it repeatedly even after getting sync errors (which in itself is a notice that something is wrong) within a 24 hour period and that is why they banned so many people. There were TEAMS of people sharing this glitch with each other and exploiting it which Any way you look at it is cheating and gives them an unfair advantage against those of us who actually play the game as designed. And who cares what the whales are or are not spending on. It’s their money to do so. A spending freeze is not going to catch on no matter the situation and now many players are rightfully banned for cheating.


Is this Brigitte from the old forums? :eyes:

PG gives cheats to their most profitable customers thereby reducing their income :man_shrugging: