No supercharged

It shoud be supercharged in ice island mins ago, but not. Look at these pictures. Is some thing wrong? Bug?100146|690x345

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We are having same problem, not sure why it’s not supercharged as it just came out of the storm

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@Arelyna @Crisis supercharge not working again…

Similar to the past two times this event was ran:

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So basically changing the supercharge bonus back this event is moot anyway since it doesn’t work. :joy:


We’ve already filed a ticket with our engineering team to look into this one.

Considering this has been the only actual issue with the event since it was first released and it’s not been fixed, I’m… not surprised. Par for the course.

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This bug happens and has happened from the very first time this event has run.

Was it 4 months ago? Have they not got to it yet?

I am aware that this has been an issue before and had not been resolved before this run of the event.

Is it possible that this happens when a team is inside temple and the storm reaches it, then when it passes the island there is no supercharged bonus? That’s what just happened for us. Either that or it’s just random :man_shrugging:

So if you knew, that means that other pg employees, including the engineers knew. And the event was still allowed to go live

It’s almost as if you have absolutely zero experience with how real life works and business vs technical in their tug of war game. :joy::joy:


Same issue for us🙄

If you are on the temple and is not receiving the bonus, you can ask other teams on the league chat to check if someone other than your team is attacking the temple guardians.

Your team can’t see it so it is normal that everyone will think that their team was the first. Was able to know this because of a friend I know complaining why their team didn’t receive the supercharge, but then asked someone in the league that another team was also inside the temple (which they might be the one actually receiving it)

I don’t know if this is the case for the others, but might be helpful.