No Targets In Gauntlet


This post never got any response from PG, and nothing has changed now that Gauntlet is running again: This is why I hate Gauntlet

What’s the deal PG? Any chance the fact that players on strong teams can’t attack for long periods of time throughout this event will be addressed ever? Perhaps the best solution would be to scrap this terrible event.


It’s happened again. Nothing has changed since last time either, so this was expected.


Do you have any doubt at all that this is where this event is headed? This event hasn’t been changed for years. Why would they put any working hours into fixing an event that is headed for the bin? Frees up development time for fixing… War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives Oh wait…

I will just say it is annoying that this broken event came during the discount dragon period. To throw more oil on this fire, I’d almost rather feeding at this point :smiling_imp:

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