No Team Contribution?

So I already submitted a ticket but is anyone else having this problem? Just joined an atlas team today. Haven’t been on one in a few weeks so definitely didn’t contribute to another team. It isn’t scoring my contributions under team? It’s still giving me personal rewards, but other players who have joined more recently than I are ranking on team leaderboard, just not myself. Just a little curious over here :thinking:

Check if it’s changed in 24 hours or soon after the Atlas reset (when the Bazaar resets)?

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I will keep an eye out for any changes for sure!

I think it will only work from the next event

Gox is correct; like events in the core game, you can only contribute to your team if you joined the team prior to the start of the event.

He said players on his team that have joined after he joined are showing up. Just he isn’t.

Odd. I wonder if he was previously on a different Atlas team, and if that might have an impact. Should be all set for the next event regardless.

Yes I got this from my ticket

Yes, this is the confusing part about it. They joined the team AFTER me. I just think it should be the same across the board.

Thanks. Yes. I have been on an atlast team about a month ago. But havent been on one since.
I appreciate the reply.

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