No treasure drops for mega coin use?

Hi, I used a mega coin in the gauntlet event and didnt get a single chest drop. Normally i get 30 to 40. Ar leasr one member of my team has had this happen and also some people have reported it on our LC. Is this a game error?


Chest drops are coded so it’s an all-or-nothing type of deal. There is a chance that you will get 30 chests, there is a chance you will get 0. It’s all luck of the draw. They take the one RNG value and multiply it by 30 instead of taking 30 separate RNG evaluations.


What Mech said. I put in a ticket last PVP event about the exact same thing. Its really all or nothing.

Thanks for the reply. Seems a bit rough but at least i know. :+1:

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Agreed. I wish it was a guarantee since you’re investing quite a bit into the Mega Coin.

I wish it was the latter for those who find Megacoins useful, but the servers would probably explode from the extra separate operations for every single coin used! :boom:

I wonder if anyone has lucked out to get a gold chest * 30 :slight_smile:

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That would be freaking amazing

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