No war defense banners

Not all war defense banners are showing up. Yet wars are still being allowed to continue. I guess just FYI to anyone that sees this. Several people on my team were on at the time and none of us got a defense banner. Support says its a “known issue”

Did it happen in a wave? Like did multiple attacks happen at the same time and only one banner appeared?

Other team did one wave and we saw all those. After like 45ish minutes our leaders base did all the little rebuilding things like he had been hit. He was on at the time as were many others on the team. No defense banner.

Several of our teammates submitted tickets for this issue and received replies from helpdesk stating it is a known issue.

Here are the tickets that the team opened and responses. @PGawal not understanding if there is a known glitch with wars that you would allow wars to be declared. It’s like knowing that a car can’t make right turns but allowing people to drive it anyway.

Can you quit ratting me out, damn.


There have actually been multiple posts about ghost banners. I get it all the time where my phone will vibrate like it does when a defense or attack banner should show up but nothing will appear on screen.

I think it was first posted in the bug bashing thread back around March or so I’ll see if I can find it.

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I was right I posted about it in march.

this was mine.

Funny I bump in to this. I thought it was just me.
Though for me it’s the join banner not appearing. My phone vibrates, but no banner, leaving my team mate without the promised backup.

I’m on Android 9, no idea if it happens on iOS.

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I created a thread on this last December.

Makes me really popular when I offered to back someone’s mega :angry:

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I forgot about that one and I was even the third comment on it :joy:. I just remember bringing it up 3 or 4 times a few months apart on the bug bashing thread. @Arelyna @Crisis any clue if this is being looked at? It’s coming up quick on being a year since the issues began which is a bit ridiculous.

I play on iPad so no buzzing for me but it happens when I’m sitting on main screen in atlas wherever… either it doesn’t show or just flashes

We have also noticed something along these lines. There seems to be significantly fewer banners than actual attacks.

It might be helpful to simulate this to confirm but because wars impact standing I doubt anyone is going to test this in the field.

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