No Winter Wonderland this Year? ⛄️

Whatever happened to the winter wonderland? Not that I particularly miss the snowblind coming from the white screen glare and those ice flaks and turrets camouflaged but still… a bit of season change in landscape would have been nice. Are we getting a new landscape for Winter Season or not? :woman_shrugging:


Every season with a theme only had it come in somewhere halfway into it. Each and every one of them.


It would be great if we could focus more on fixing glitches or game in general instead of on screen changes. Just my opinion.

No thx to winter wonderland theme pls… I’m playing this game in 30oC + temps I don’t need need to be snow blind :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If there is to be a map reskin, we will let everyone know. To my knowledge, there isn’t anything planned.


That’s sad :sweat: can you just turn the old winter skin on? @Arelyna

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