Nockmar vs Barbend and Is PG going blind?

It’s shocking to see the same PG who nurfed Nockmar being over user friendly don’t even care to look at barbends “DATA” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: are you guys really gonna let this dragon break the game ? @PGNipNap @PGrdm @PGNines

This is no Xul issue. Only a very selected few was able to fly Xul the way he was meant to fly. This is no Xul :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: literally everyone who has Barb walks on bases defended. Same like the reason people gave to get Nockmar nurfed. Why is it different for barbend???

Not a another single dragon that can counter Barb unless it’s another barb. So should everyone els who doesn’t have barb go on a holiday ?

And PG this dragon is like the best reason to see your dragon testing system is broken af :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


They only look “data” if its not a hunter. Case dismissed lol


I highly support nerfs to

  1. barbend
  2. zahakk
  3. Krygant

I will also mention that I was also in favor of barb getting a nerf 2.0 ever since he got nerf 1.0


okkay and you’re sure you can fix this ? In the end pg has business goals which dont get transmitted to testers , besides testers are advisors they cant make decisions

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There were a couple of dragons, that broke the game during their prime.

One of the first was Phasmos, then there was Noctua (what a stupid spell kit). Then there was Surt 1.0 - what a disaster. And then there came a bunch of OP hunters like Mordred, Xul, Helminn, Quilleth and now Barbend. Add some others to the mix like Namaka, that one eyed warrior I keep forgetting the name due to my old brain plus Zar and Kry from the last season. PG has some major issues these days, when it comes to balance.


I am curious is this cause you really find an urgent need to balance stuff or cause Nockmarr got nerfed ?


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Dwarf nailed it, and PG did nothing. Expect adding exotic gear to make it even more worse.
They even created Barbend which is worse then the other named ones.


Zah is OP defensively.

But on a double Oreo long he is likely going to miss quite a few towers because his shots quite often don’t punch through a tower 3D heals.

The 50% damage reduction spell really has no business being on any dragon.

I like that Zah is a good follow up dragon but I’m not really sure how he gets nerfed without being useless. He can do lead if its an Oreo/Earth long but I wouldn’t fly him lead with Barbend my current goto.

Barbend is OP in every category. For me unlimited ammo and healing are the main problems.

4 white spells also seems a bit silly but the way they are designed its hard to imagine anything other than the healing spell going red.

Krygant I don’t have but agree he could do with a smaller nerf. At least his power should fade in the next tier.

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Reduce his insanely high HP stat down to where it should be for a monarch dragon instead of being an entire tier or more above that?

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His damage mitigation for me is the main issue. High HP and 50% damage reduction.

Mine is specced hp and for me he can survive 3D but likely he will miss large chunks of the base with the way Oreos pull him over. Sometimes with 3x hammer spam I cant even drop the first oreo with all 5 hits - often its my second clip that does it and by then the 2nd oreo is already ramping up

An attack specced Zah might punch oreos faster but I don’t have any attack invoker runes.

I spent 10k rubies to respec a rider, move gear and chisesels for runes so would be annoyed if they made him useless like the other 3 dragons in the tier.

I fly Zah now simply because I have to. I don’t have barbend. Zahhak is my only viable alternative.

PG has essentially enormously punished those that didn’t choose barbend. I even thought I’d go back for the hunter this season. What a fool :man_facepalming:. Durgoth doesn’t hold a candle to barbend.

We need a proper response to this issue.


If his HP was significantly lower though then the cloud would have much less HP and die sooner.

but it only costs 5k rubies now. Did you mess up and have to respec it again?
I get not wanting a dragon you’ve invested in to get nerfed. The problem with him though is that his HP is so high that he’ll probably stay around for a while since all of his damage is HP based anyway except for those 3 ammo shots

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100% agree. Never thought I would ever agree with a call to nerf a dragon but barbend is killing atlas.


Oh sorry 10k diamonds and not rubies.

I fully agree with you and Eff that Zah needs a nerf.

I’m just saying the issue is the 50% damage mitigation which gives him double the HP ( 30bn effective hp )

So I’m sure Pg would get rid of that spell so his HP is halved. But then if you take away that spell what do you add back in?

This is my Zah and offensively he is kinda useless 3D. I cant drop Oreos with hammer spam until my 2nd reload. ( Although I am a HP build and not an attack build so perhaps I built it wrong )

His AoE spells are good undefended but they dont do anything defended.

I use death gaze to try help but even that thats a bit situational.

I use Zah as a backup #2 dragon and Barbend as #1.

So while I support a nerf to Zah I just think it needs to be a careful nerf. Going too hard could make this dragon useless. And then we would have 4x monarch dragons that are hopeless.

In terms of costs there is the ruby/diamond cost, cost to move gear, runes. And then the eggs to level up Zah. If he is nerfed too hard then I would want my eggs back which I would use for research.

dont forget amurak. absolute tank with flak and howi resist. literally takes no skill, zahak on the other hand can be counter with 2 orery

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He doesnt resist howitzers. He resists flaks and beams except for volts. And he’s not that great, his damage is pretty low even with the breath boost. All you have to do is hit him with an ice flak ss once his dodge goes on cd and he’s dead.

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yaah i just checked neon, its beam. rally has 60% damage reduction, flak has 50% beam has 80 %. i dont know if that is stakes up with rally

I’d honestly say it’s more like 45B hp unless he gets killed before he can heal as the summon has 200% hp.

He tends to die with multiple defenders but he is literally the modern day Gig.

As far as zahhak goes I don’t fly him. I have taken 2D max bases but I don’t usually get 3D. I’m not sure if I have had to hit any bases 3D with zahhak as I didn’t have to fly it much lol


I would be interested if someone of your skill level can drop a max base 3D with Zah and double Oreo.

I wonder if I am limiting my Zah with a HP build and if attack build is what makes people see him as OP.

I think its OP defensively but not so great offensively (3D)

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