Nockmar vs Barbend and Is PG going blind?

You don’t need to be skilled at flying to be unstoppable with barb, you just need to be able to fire millions of shots before towers shield and can ss you, that aren’t skill that’s from quick and big devices and quick internet speed, and lesser extent cheating tap apps, I don’t know where the skill comes into just spam fire?

And also why the nerf was wrong it does not effect these fliers, which any nerf should effect all types of fliers, only a portion need to adjust how they fly barb and also change around runes and glyths or even rider because now he is very rage demanding.

Again why some fliers who can spam fire don’t have to do adjust to anything and that is why the nerf is wrong, I’m fine with a nerf but change the dragon so it effects everyone, the heal spell doesn’t matter to spam fires because they don’t get hit anyhow.

Seems to me if you are a skilled flier you should be flying the current seasonal mythics because supposably they suck? So if you are a skilled flier and smashing bases with them you really are a great flier, rather then using a season old dragon because you can spam the whole screen fast

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The main problem with barb was not his health recovery was more the abilities to destroy a lot of towers very quick and without being able to be hit, but this nerf doesn’t fix that.

And my problem with the nerf is it doesn’t incorporate the main problem with barb, and this means like barb will still be op for certain fliers for another season or two.

I’d call for more nerfing of him, like I’ve said before slow him down, so he can’t destroy bases quicker then the current mythics, hence the point of having a new mythic? His a last season mythic he should not be better then the current ones

You did say that you don’t need to be skilled to fly Barbend right?

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Bro wtf are you on seriously, there is certain skill to fly every dragon, spam tapping at everything on a screen is not skill anyone can do that, there are factors that make one player able to do it better then another and they can include device size and speed, and internet connection, others could be small fingers and possible fast tapping over someone else, but firing aimlessly over the screen is not skill.

Again mute point about the dragon is the nerf took care of one issue with barb which is the health recovery ability, but didn’t fix the issue with the ability to destroy so many towers before they can damage the dragon, his last seasons mythic he should not be better then the current ones and this part of the dragon is unaffected by the nerf and is by far the most op part of him. Being able to Destroy so many towers so quick and not hittable or ss’able should be counter weighed by slower speed not rewarded with faster speed

Hunters should be hard to fly some fun and less powerful but when they are harder to fly they tend to be the most powerful dragons. Kinda biased but hey I wish Sorcerers and warriors were strong but it’s only because Pg can’t create a really strategic spell kit all the time it’s just focus on damage rate, cloaks on occasions, heal spells, and rage increasing spells. The etc. revolves somewhat around Sorcerers only once in awhile there can be a strategic sorcerer which if I recall was during Wasteland season.

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Barb has insane damage potential yes, but what made it so good for a wide range of players was it‘s survivability. If was more forgiving to make mistakes and way easier to recover from them. That‘s why so many people who usually don‘t tend to fly hunters used Barbend successfully. With this nerf, the skill barrier for flying Barbend got increased basically cutting the lower end in the spectrum of players off. It‘s true, those that were already above this newly set skill barrier won‘t really be affected by this nerf. Survivability got cut and now I agree they need to do something about the damage output. However, this would enrage even more people because if you try to balance a dragon that is so widely spread among the playerbase on one end of the skill spectrum, you usually destroy it for the other end. Of course there are ways to do it with minimal damage to either side but it‘s difficult to balance for sure.

They‘re all on the same tier right now so they should actually be equally as good. The only reason why new dragons should be better is dragon tier and the raw dps increase because of it. If the spellsets continue to get better every season we end up with even more power creep than there already is


Meta and content escalation is the actual problem and watching you guys argue over how it should be escalating is hilarious and as long as you can’t agree then they don’t have a problem!

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Here’s another problem though MALIK auto clicker apps are what is making Barbend even more Overpowered than his spell set and before the nerf I still think that cheating software can potentially still cause these problems regardless if it helps there is still a good chance some of these people might be using this software to cheat.

Yet it’s really weird just seeing people throwing knifes at each other and create their own arguments that they see as the only way to live versus the opposing person it’s like saying blasphemy everywhere. Even if I’ve created a paradox many people here have already done so as well.

What back market servers are you guys flying on, all these spam cheaters lurking around every corner. Might have only seen it once but can’t even remember who or when😂


There is another thread for this problem

Unlimited ammo should not be a thing.
And speed should not be king….
And the objective should not be defense! Lol
So add cheating to those and pg has a real problem yes!:+1:

The more they escalated content and the meta and speed is king the worse it has gotten………


I don’t mind the speed is king meta, certainly adds a bit more spice to runs. I have never liked the tap spam hunters even though I’ve played with many players who love them. I think they create a natural gulf between the predominantly phone players and the tablet players.

Which is not to say you can’t be successful with them on a phone but that it is a slightly different thing. My issue is one of the biggest things you’re meant to (or more accurately you used to need to do) was be careful with your ammo and use it wisely. Ammo management isn’t really a pre-requisite for the “good” hunters now and for me it’s sad to lose it as a class defining feature.

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