Nockmar vs. Steelwing - well... and the rest of the season

I would like to hear the toughts about dragons, and if they stay the same, which one would you choose?

I will keep posting, when i do more runs


Who is better ?
Also who is more fun ?


If they stay the same :thinking: seems like the warrior is less susceptible to weird mage configurations.

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Steelwing, ofc! :green_heart: :relieved:
It’s been decided, even before the new season starts.


:eyes: This handsome dragon :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::joy:

Joking aside…Nockmare! She’s lovely :racehorse:


There is a obligatory blink situation for the invoker. You have to blink, and i don’t really like millisecond-skill tests on the mythics. Even the best fliers can’t blink in every single run. What warrior’s problem is rage only.

Invoker is more fun to play but i also like to play warrior


Invoker can compensate 1, if the set up of the base is bad enough 2 shot of mages in a long kill island but that’s it, he needs to sustaim 2 rages most of the time, warrior is less susceptible true.


@DEMIRCAN thanks for the videos mate!

I really enjoy watching you fly but strangely this season I’m looking at both mythics and not very excited.

Steel looks more fun to fly but looks very slow. Not going to be viable in atlas or fast pvp.

Noct looks ok. Some skill needed like Lockjaw but no OP AOE like Quasar.

Its probably a must have and at least has a longer shelf life as a perch dragon.

Double / triple defended both are going to really struggle at end game so its not very exciting to see these guys.

Hopefully a few more weeks of playing them brings out some exciting alternative play styles but right now they both feel like bench warmers to be perfectly honest.


ölü bir mevsim olacak büyü değişiklikleri yapılmazsa envanter toplamak için güzel bir mevsim

Tbh I will probably let a roulette decide for me, not much interested in any of them. I wonder if they only become good after you claim all their special runes


Nice videos!

Are there any non-endtier CF people that make vids like this? The invoker looks like it can’t hit up at all, I’d be curious to see some videos of it hitting up.

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Mine is 2 Legendary Arcanum, and i guess i am the one who is the lowest between CFs and GPFs 🥲


The invoker does seem very solid while the warrior is little bit like a hunter where you’ll get punished if you don’t fly him right / it’s a non-binary dragon because people called Xul a he more than a she. But that’s irrelevant, the warrior needs a tiny buff maybe plus maybe the invoker too either that or they don’t need a buff at all.

But I feel like I have too much Invokers as I do hunters in my roster so I’m just going to get Nockmar. But it also feels like he is a newer warrior downed version of Jaalkah were he needs a lot of rage but really needs hp to tank hits more than when you say hunter it’s when you need attack, rage, and ammo. Plus it’ll be nice having another warrior in my roster since my old one lockjaw will be benched real soon since I’m approaching it’s maxed tier.


Im really disappointed in steelwing… i hope they give him a buff or change his spells make the cloak white, or give him an ammo refill type spell, if steelwing is not buffed I’ll guess I’ll go for Nockmar he seems the most viables out of the two.


He doesn’t Look so bad heck people hate it when people judge to quickly and not keep true feelings to themselves if they haven’t flown the dragon before, this happens far too much everytime at the start of the season which is getting ridiculous.

Even in the video, if the flier was even a fraction of a second too slow they would have died on multiple occasions. There is also the chance that of an odd set up where the Howi shot would hit you after you come out of the cloak and get the ice flak ss. There is too much that could go wrong if you don’t hit a spell quick enough for me to enjoy flying this guy. I still think that Steelwing deserves a buff to the cloak.


Well flown Demircan.

Flier: beats 2D max base with 1&2 blue mages.

Forums: This dragon is bad, buff it!



That’s how everyone feels when they see cringe like buff this buff that it gets old probably as old as hearing me


Well, i believe the first run is the best strategy that you can do with Nockmar. I have made a couple of mistakes in the second run, but not sure if i could pass unless the defenders leave with the same strategy that i did in the first run.

This was my last raw gameplay video about mythics. It’s going to be the guides next. My final toughts are not really bright, both are slow, but warrior gives what you expect from a warrior. I am sad about him, because he could be a powerful warrior, if PG would let the freeze duration as 4 seconds (it’s 3.5 seconds duration and 4 seconds cd)…

I will probably pick invoker, because i like challenge and it’s more fun to play after a few days of gameplays with both dragons.