Noctua Double Vine

Have you guys notice that you can cast Noctua’s vines in most times using said spell? This happen after the recent update. :thinking:


I noticed it with Neir

This has been possible for a long time. But yes I’ve noticed it’s easier to do now particularly on island 8 which was impossible before update.

But the real issue is that vines don’t stick if you fire during the turn so double vines does nothing for you except make the towers mad.


Yeah the first one doesn’t stick. And hurts hard. Makes noc relatively useless. Can’t Vine and blink islands anymore


Is really annoying double vine, come on PG you’re broken the game with many changes on dragons, the people working hard to get dragons obsidians like noctua, and 2 vine is really annoying very annoying I Hope you solucionated it faster

This is a known bug.


I’ve seen this, but I don’t know if it is related. First cast of the vine, stick in. Then 2nd cast also. I would try to capture it in a vid, then post it here.

Several other things make them not stick as well not sure on one of them because it’s just so random I’ve chalked it up to sometimes it just doesn’t work lol

Also not sure if it’s supposed to be like this or not but if you cast vine or sand and it’s in the air or hitting the towers at the same time as the dragon dies it just doesn’t disable them.

Here’s the link.
[i hope it works]

This has always been possible although the one on 5 was particularly late so I’m surprised it still worked.

It happens on 5th and 6th islands, all the time even on live bases.
Or maybe it’s just me. :grin:

Must be your skillz :grin:

Yep Noc is damn near worthless after the update…

Update bugs… who’d have thought, right?



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