NOLLAIG runes doubt

Hi guys
As a title I have a doubt about the runes to be equipped on Nollaig.

  1. x3 rune for Winter Bite (epic, legendary and mythic)
    x2 rage runes
  2. x2 runes for Winter Bite (Legendary and Mythic)
    x3 rage runes

Which do you think is the most effective (I am inclined for the 2)? Do you have any other ideas?
And as always, thank you all :call_me_hand:

Ps. I have some legendary rage runes ( glyph and normal runes)

I’m going to wait and see if there are any other dragons that pop out this season with Winter’s Bite before putting on Nollaig. However, I heartily recommend putting all of the WB runes on him since they were designed for the dragon. The rest can be rage runes.

So u think option number 1?

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That is my plan provided no other dragons show up with WB any time soon.

Not sure if it’s worth investing rage runes on warrior

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Well, Nollaig is a really good warrior.

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I would suggest something on the lines of Leo’s rune of pride more if available.
So setup would be like 2 x nolliang’s runes + 1 x Leo’s rune of pride and 2 x rage runes.
I would also take your level into consideration before suggesting. So If it’s ok with you, please disclose your level so others may give better suggestion.

There won’t be any. The dragons are the Celtic heralds of seasons.
Nollaig - herald of winter -> winters bite
Aibrean - herald of spring -> springs renewal

Would be pretty straightforward to expect a herald of summer and herald of autumn with both a unique spell according to the season. So no winters bite.


That’s not a bad way to go although with the 0 rage regenerate spell, I’m not convinced the HP boost from Leos rune of pride should be used for this dragon. I didn’t think it was a good idea to put an HP booster on a dragon with two resists and a low HP attack damage booster passive ability. A strong hunter without cloak, or a sorcerer, IMO, would be a more worthy subject for rune of pride. Or maybe Destar… He isn’t a big enough tank yet.

I would say it’s playstyle thought process. I prefer more attack for hunters and more tank for warriors.

im level 158 but i should reach lv 170 ( maybe even more) during the incoming Fort event.
Anyway, my rune of pride ( Mythic and Legendary )are on Leos :slight_smile:

I do think option 1 is best choice for Nollaig. It depends on what you proffer, if you want more rage go for option 2.

i will wait :slight_smile: Fow now, i equipped 1 Rage Rune + Epic Winter Bite…

Why would you put epic over the legendary rune? Why haven’t you equipped the mythic?

still havent the mythic, anyway i will save the Mithic for the moment

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