Nollaig, Samhrad or Fomhar

After getting Aibrean to platinum I’m planning on getting another of the divines and get as far as i can with Super Sigil Chests and remaining events. Im not sure which one to get though.
Fohmar-my first guess but Ive been having so many hunters for the lasts seasons that i have the urge of getting something a little bit different. People are saying he is the best thus far.
Samhrad- i like the spell set even if useless against a red mage. Supposed to be a great follow up dragon. Is he good?
Nollaig- I used to fly mainly warriors in my earlier days so he was attractive at first. Good spellset i guess, but he is not getting enough spotlight as the others.
What are your opinions on them. For higher levels, the most i can take a dragon is platinum or probably sapphire if i focus entirely on one dragon. Never went further than that. Thanks.

What’s your level? Your league and your activity level?

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I am trying to decide also.
I am level 90 gold 2/3 and reasonably active. breeding into plat/gold Legends
I have token boost
Oksana first page
Airbrean to 2 shy of Sapphire (want to get glyph)

I honestly dont know where to spend the sigils for remainder of season

Do you have good seasonal dragons with sapphire stones? If yes, I would go all the way in line of Aibrean and get the reward of nice 69 gold chests which will be much useful for progress.


Level 64, Gold 1 and Im pretty to very active. Im not one of the high levels thats why i could use opinions.

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Finish aibrean.

No real need to finish Aibrean, but I’d get to the Obsidian stone. The mythic glyph and 69 gold chests are very nice secondary rewards. Not much reason to go for Harbinger unless you have sigils left over, by the time you get to Harbinger level it will just be another in-between tier anyway, and you’ll have a dozen other divines.


Did you get Oksana?

Her first page yeah

Ok then, I have fomhar in gold tier and he is very reliable versus well built defended bases because of 0 rage vanish and the speed of Entrap. Autumn’s reap adds a lot of damage (+85% tbe) as well as giving Fomhar a way to heal. Keep in mind you will not be happy with it at the start because you said you are not really good with hunters and at your level the 3rd spell (vanish) hasn’t been unlocked yet. With that being said, I would say fomhar.

First dragon I got to sapphire was equator. All others not past platinum

I would suggest paying attention to Nollaig.

He demonstrates good results and performance even in the sapphire tier. A worthy warrior who fits well with Equestor.

Winter’s Bite rocks.

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