Nominate a Base for an Upcoming Event!

Submissions Open 4/30 - 5/7

Greetings, Dragon Lords!

We’ve got something special cooking on the Dragons team - a new weekly event! As we get ready to put the finishing touches on this event, we wanted to provide an opportunity for players to get involved. The event in the works will be a PvP event, and we’re in the process of constructing a series of NPC bases to fly against during the event. These bases will represent a smattering of base layouts, from easily defeated islands to the most impenetrable defenses. In order to get these base layouts ready, we’re turning to the community to submit your favorite base layouts and immortalize them for future runs of this event!

How the Base Layout Nominations Works

Here’s the rundown about how these nominations will work:

  • 4/30 - 5/7: Starting today, you can submit nominations for any base layout you believe to be difficult to defeat, and an ideal representation of a high-defensive base. You can nominate your own base or other players’ bases that you’ve seen in-game. Submissions will close one week afterwards on May 7th!
  • 5/7 - 5/21: The Events & Seasons team at War Dragons will evaluate all of the nominated base layouts to determine the top 10 bases that will be recreated as NPC bases in the upcoming PVP event.
  • 5/21 - 5/29: Once these 10 bases have been finalized, we’ll reach out to the players that nominated the winning base layouts to notify them that their nominations have been selected, and begin to distribute prizes!
  • 5/30: We’ll announce the winning base layouts on the War Dragons social channels! Later on, we’ll reveal more details about this upcoming PVP event as we get closer to its first run in-game.

We’re specifically referring to base layouts for this nomination since we are only going to be looking at how towers are placed on a base, and not the base’s tower levels or overall defense power. Any player of any level could be chosen, and we encourage everyone to submit a base for nomination if you believe the base’s layout is top-notch.

Prizes for Chosen Nominations

The 10 players that nominate the chosen bases that will be recreated in-game will receive a series of Dragons prizes for their submissions! Here’s what you can win:

  • x1,000 Springblossom Sigils
  • x1,000 Rubies
  • x10 Gold Chests

Anyone can nominate any other base in-game, but the player that nominated the chosen bases will receive the prizes above for their submission.

Ready? Set: Submit!

Click the link below to submit your nomination for best base layout in-game:

Submit a Base Layout Nomination

Keep an eye on the War Dragons Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels for the reveal of the chosen bases!

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Please discuss and ask questions in the Official Discussion Thread.

Winner Update

Thank you to everyone who submitted base nominations for an upcoming event! The following bases were chosen from the contest:

  • Lutrus
  • mechengg
  • Obliterkate
  • Tinsir
  • Odin
  • XG1
  • xxxJLxxx

The chosen bases will not be recreated, but rather act as inspiration for us when we create new PvE bases for this event. We tip our hats to these players for the effort and time you’ve put into designing such awesome bases. We hope you’ll enjoy a mix of challenging bases like these once this event is revealed down the road!

The players who nominated the chosen bases will be receiving rewards from us this week, which include Springblossom Sigils, Rubies, and Gold Chests. There were more than 10 players total who nominated the chosen bases, so we plan to choose 10 random players from this bunch to receive the main prize, and the remaining players will recieve a modified version of this prize. Thank you for your excellent eye of nigh-impenetrable bases!

As more events are planned and other opportunities become available in the future, we’ll be sure to keep the community in the loop about ways to get involved. Stay tuned for the reveal of this event!