Non event blue rider shards


I’m newer to Atlas, and I’ve been told that the only way to get blue rider shards is through Atlas events. I haven’t spent and badges on riders (this is my first atlas season) so I am confused how I attained this 1 blue shard… I would like to know so I can get more while focusing on armor for the remainder of the season. Thank you! :rainbow::heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:



Beasts can drop them rarely



I have 352…

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Blue shards from beasts has got to be the most useless extra ever… :joy:



Not really. If one can manage to get 500, they can get another Atlas rider.



in how many years? :smile:



that is a great question. I think I got the first blue shard approximately 2 months ago. That means i can get +5 shards a year. Should I continue or can we just simply nod when re-reading:



Probably around one to five millennia

I haven’t even gotten one yet.

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Blue shards are used to hire seasonal Atlas riders. You need to have 500 to hire one. This season it is Kevana. Previous one - Malus. And there was one before. The characteristics are exactly the same, the difference is only in their look.

To get those 500 blue shards, you need to open the whole Atlas rider branch. There are 3 prizes there - 100 blue shards, 150 and 250. To reach the first prize (100 blue shards), you need to open about 1/4 of branch. For the 2nd (150) - one half. 250 shards are at the end of branch.

The good thing is that shards that you’ve obtained will “survive” season end, so you could collect 100+150 during this season, and 100+150 during the next one. Then you can hire any Atlas seasonal rider (including previous - they are still in the list of riders even after season end).

UPD: looks like I misunderstood the question, skip me :slight_smile:



Just checked the rarities.
Lv 8+ beast for Red Rider Shards (1%)
Lv 15+ beast for Blue Rider Shards (1%)

Is it true? :thinking:



They’re completely useless. They belong in the same category as the 15 embers you collect after 30 days. Player happiness my ass…

Edit to add: It doesn’t even matter if you’re level 1 or 1000. Equally useless for everyone.



You’re so positive and cheerful. That’s why you’re one of my favorites :grin: … trolling targets :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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Can’t wait to get that free rider in 2032.



I got 3 blue rider shards in 2 days… guess I was lucky then lol. ( still would take years to get 500 though lol)



You really don’t even need 500 of them to make it worthwhile, you can start with 250 and only have to complete the first half of the Atlas branch :slight_smile: (but some of the good prizes are indeed at the end anyways)



Well, I’m up to 9, so I guess I have something to look forward to in the early 2020s. But seriously, PG, could you please start putting these shards in other prizing or increase the drop rate from beasts?



Hiring for red shards: 5
For blue: 500
Also, for primarch event, spending 1 blue is far from spending 1 red. It would make sense if at least 10 blue shards are dropped at once.



I very much agree!



So now that we are getting purple rider shards, will there start to be more ways to get blue shards? I’m up to 12 now from beasts, but 500 is looking to be a few more lifetimes away. Would love to trade my red shards for some blue ones :eyes:

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You still need your reds to upgrade the rider AFTER you hire with blue (assume purple the same but don’t know)

They said you can pick blue or purple so if you want to get enough blue you can.