Non Seasonal Sigils

Can we seriously discuss Sigils not being seasonal but being just plain ole Sigils?

My thoughts on this are a direct result of : 1. This seasons dragons being pathetic top to bottom compared to previous seasons and 2. All players could get a real shot and getting all dragons in a season by saving Sigils for a few seasons.

I see many benefits and very few non benefits to the players on this topic.

What say you?

This has been asked and answered by PG many times.

Every time, the answer has been a resounding NO.

Every season has the exclusives: Dragons, riders, token boost. If the sigils weren’t season exclusive, the whole thing would become a mess, and it would lose its magic.

I think it looks like economics to me. If sigils were non-seasonal, some players might hoard them and not spend them, and participate less in the game. It is a way to encourage game activity, as well as increase revenue. So I think it is a good idea to have season sigils.