None existent teams in the Fight Pits

Our team has just started fresh and are currently in bronze but this event is screwing us over. We are in the pit with a load of non existent teams that we can’t attack. The only team taking part is in the training ground and we are in the colosseum with a load of non existent teams that it keeps telling us can’t be found. The only team it finds it keeps telling us they aren’t in the same pit as us and refunds our inner fires and although it says it will refund our energy our energy doesn’t get refunded. Sort it out will you, some of us have already put a fair amount of money into this game the least you could do is make sure it works properly.

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Something similar happens with wars as well, but this is worse. If I understand correctly you can get very limited personal achievements and points, which would be the main source of prizes it being in Bronze. I recommend you tag some PG people that work in this area and see what can be done.
Edit: The best solution would be to try advancing to a higher league as soon as wars are possible, Gold seems to be where there are more consistently active players/teams.

We have to wait for the event to end before we get promoted, we have enough points for a promotion but we have to wait a week. In the meantime we are getting screwed over in this event with no existing teams in the colosseum with us.

@TyrsJustice, just to clarify here, are there no teams in your pit or are you and your team getting an error message when you try attacking a team?

One team m3rcuryRising is a active team but it says they aren’t in our league when we went to delare war on them before the event. Yet they are at the top of our league due to be promoted. At least 10 teams in our pit aren’t in our league and when we select them to attack it doesn’t bring up a list of members, it just says this team doesn’t exist. We are in the colosseum with a full list of teams that don’t exist and M3rcuryRising who every time we attack them it refunds our items saying they aren’t in our pit. Only 1 team WhiteFlower is attackable and they have 2 members and only 1 member can be attacked because the leader has been banned, and this guy is only worth 86 points.

We are having a similar issue with attacks. It says we are inThe Pit and we attack at team in the Pit and its says they are not in the league as us.The next time we attack we are in a different tier attack a team and it doesn’t count. Once a while one will. It’s been a huge waste off energy and innerfires, which we have not been rembersed. I’m in the team you mentioned and I noticed it has our name in two areas. What is going on? This is very frustrating!


@Arelyna this is a common problem in Bronze league for both wars and PVP events. Teams may only have 1 or 2 players in them and when you try to attack them either they can’t be found or have been banned. I just went through this during Team Gauntlet, luckily the PVE islands gave more points.
I cannot imagine being stuck there during a true PVP and being unable to attack anyone.

Edit, if it is Bronze 2, leagues show a LOT more teams than 25 when you are in them.

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Thank you all for alerting me. I realize that this has been an issue before, but just wanted to clarify for this one. I have passed it on to the Events team.

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We are a gold 3 team, and we know who is in our league. I will attack, say person “a” from team1 and it says, it is invalid. If I attack person “b” from team 1 sometimes in counts sometimes it doesn’t. When the rounds are done, I get a admin notification saying we have been promoted, then another admin comes in with the same time stamp saying we have been demoted.
So we try to attack the green one where it says we are and its all messed up. Please fix this.

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