Noob Q about leagues

Probably a pretty nub question, but i notice each league is broken into tiers (gold 1, 2, 3, etc) and the current tier im in (gold iii) appears to have a unique name (furious nagas, or something to that regard). Is it my understanding that there are multiple sub-tiers to each tier of a league? As in more than one gold iii tier with a different name? Im just trying to get a basic understanding of the enormity of how many teams/tiers, etc there are in this game and hard to find what im looking for. Thanks.

You’re pretty much on the money.

You can checkout the Leagues Info by clicking on the little League Cup icon bottom left.

Lower tier should have more members (except lowest league I guess).
Each tier is separated into leagues (25 teams each). Every week, each team can (probably mostly) move into another league based on its new tier (determined by team rank at a certain time, usually between events).

Orca is correct, save for bronze league has 50 teams per sub league

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