Noobs & Revenge: A Saga, Part 1


I already PM’d you to stalk your base so feel free. :see_no_evil: It’s nothing new, but his Huitzal died on the kill island and his Corth just couldn’t take out the farms. Also, time your hammers right and your towers come back from the dead with ghostfire blast. :wink:


Ahhh I have not yet figured out that hammer timing. I kind of panic and go nuts with it :see_no_evil: :t_rex:


There was once this guy who tried to take down my base with a sapphire Necryx and platinum Equestor. I defended and my kill island squashed their dragons that had no rage for any spells.


It’s more about luck than anything. Just keep your eye when he turns and try to infer when his spell will drop. I fail more than I do it successfully. :sweat_smile: But if you do it right, he’s wide open with the cooldown and your flaks can give him the ole one-two. Lag ruins a lot of it too though. :unamused:


Lag almost killed my Fomhar today… totally throws off my Vanish timing. Hate that shit. Also I SWEAR on my LIFE that yesterday, a farm was healed at the same time I death gazed it and it was awesome. :t_rex:


I’m having flashbacks to war runs, three defenders, my Axi pausing literally every millisecond for a 10 second lag cooldown, my rainbow shot flying off to the side where I tried to press his shield, me pressing adaptive resist one too many times cause I didn’t know if it had registered the first time and getting the wrong resist…

Lag is the real war that we fight here. :unamused: I’ve seen the healing/death gaze thing though! Thankfully the farm still dies, imagine if Ember lost his god of death badge. :open_mouth:


Why this happened:

Psychological cause: people turn to cruelty when they’re bored. I guarantee you that >80% of the stories like these happen during minor events. He’s overleveled and doesn’t have much to do doing a fort event, so he’s being petty to relieve boredom. jb4war’s basically got the right of it.

Gameplay cause: Anyone can attack anyone and some people are orders of magnitude stronger than some people, and while there aren’t incentives to do it, people have egos. (They also fail to realize that the only thing they’re showcasing by beating your base is how lame they are.)

This mostly seems to be a low league thing. (Higher league people have more things to do in the game than they actually want to, in my experience.) Sorry to hear about your experience, dude!


I believe that was a demonstration that someone doing “a few easy runs” on your base is still provoking.

I don’t knowingly run a base multiple times unless it’s a farm or a revenge quest, and for revenge quests I don’t kill. Multiple hits is likely to make somebody think you mean something by it, and there are plenty of fish in the sea. Especially at level 50-something.


It could be revenge quests but the guy doesn’t know that you don’t have to win for it to count. :thinking:


Or being rather silly by having must win on revenge principle.


…The one I saw didn’t use his white cloak :confused: Died.

OP…git gud with your dragons and farm the main back >:) Or, at least, take pleasure in the exchange rate of one of your heal pots for seven of his.


:rofl: That had to hurt his ego…


Pfft, tell them to shove it and hit them over and over then :joy:.


Also, do a part 2


Drop your hammer just before it completes the turn. Your hammer should land just after ghost fire lands.


Core game farming is so 2017. When in doubt, Let Atlas sort it out.

Teams/people are super brave when they feel protected. But the second they get attacked and lose something in Atlas. Begin the waterworks.


Hahaha! Sounds like a lot of people, I couldn’t care less about it


Every damn time on a war run with 2+ defenders :joy:


It is unfair buddy…
That’s why Just grind your teeth…grind them really hard…and just…take a deep breath…


Meh… I don’t care who hitting me,because my rss always stored