Normal and hard mode for atlas invader base

Hey all,

Don’t know if this has even been discussed before but was thinking what if atlas base had a normal or hard mode with hard mode giving 50% more gold but the towers either been 5 levels higher or three levels with an auto repair and Defense boost every 5 seconds. We as a player group win by having more gold per run and pg wins by having us need to use more dragon attack power, heals and boost to take the same base.

@PGJared is this possible to be done?


@pgEcho @PGDave are doing atlas stuff

Also maybe move this to the Atlas forum and not taunt all the people who’d love to have any kind of invader base at all…


Thanks guys am still new at posting questions and topic ideas, I have some ideas which I used to just send to support (some have been implemented, some not)

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I would suggest if more people want a variable invader to speak up about it.

I think players would be happy to choose especially if there bases are too strong for them to take but the tower balance need to be relative to the player level. Say easy -5, normal same level, hard plus 5

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