Normal Game Admin Improvements

The way the game has evolved and the complexity created has pushed many management functions to use Line and spreadsheets, but there is no escaping ingame emails. The current structure of ingame emails is illogical and can be improved.

  • Email history.
    • Issue: leaders lose the ability to see meaningful emails particularly around times of heavy recruiting activity.
    • Solution: reduce to one page of 25 notices for news, reduce to one page for system, give back extra pages for personal inbox (why were they ever reduced to three pages?)

Other General Admin Improvements

  • Leaderboard.
    • Issue: Cannot see top 100+ placings in all season and global rankings
    • Solution: expand season and global rankings pages to be more than just top 25
  • Hammers
    • Issue: Hammers are used at several times the rate of defence shields or gunpowder. Replenishment for players and teams who get hit a lot does not keep up meaning they are permanently more at risk of greater losses.
    • Solution: Bronze chests to drop hammers in greater numbers, e.g. 6packs not singles, gold chests could have 25 hammers, defence runs to drop more hammers for defenders. Forge could craft 10 hammers at once, for the same cost, rather than the 1 per 3 hours with a finish cost of 610 rubies per 5 hammers

So much no to this. increase the bronze drops is fine but dont flood the gold chests with them


Fair enough, more bronze and better forging would be fine by me. Just throwing out options. :beers:

One more request to add here

  • Fix the ingame chats to allow appointing a new admin and ideally more than one admin (more than 100 players would be nice too)

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