Northern Lights bugged?

So, this happens in Invader runs (forced me to use another dragons, losing half of x5 multi :sob:)

Anyone know what happened?

Just in case, #1454944

Ballista damage is real?


Yes. Renard was shot down by Ballista…

you should just use another dragon, destroy all tower and leave the castle alive then do a hard restart. This would give you full multi gold and not losing any xp multi


Wait. Won’t quit before the run is completed causes loss of gold?

I think gold amount gained is based on the % destruction of the poacher/mine so if it’s 99%, its unlikely that you lose that much

Just not sure whether gold is granted at the end of battle (like exp), or purely based on % destruction (like event points).
If it’s the former, I lost the gold when I quit in the mid of battle.

When I quit on my poacher runs (due to being suddenly being bored) I get different amount on different % destruction.

However, this is done by swapping out and then quitting. I don’t know about force restarting the game if it will give any, but guessing it does.

EDIT: I think it’s on gold mines and not poachers. Poachers do not reward anything if it’s less than 70%?

There is a difference between quitting and restarting…
Quitting still trigger exp (which will be worse than if I use another dragon.)
Restarting doesn’t trigger exp.

Its based on the % for sure. getting 99% always works.

Does it work without ending the run properly (quit or 100%)?

For event, we get point notification, if we quit in a run, but not in invader run.

I tab out and exit the game at 99%. not quit. This way my XP multiplier on dragon stays unused while I get 99% of the gold for that run.


Guess I’ll try next time it happens. Thanks.

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This looks like a variant of the equestor bug. By any chance did you attack just before using the spell with either a swipe or another spell?

Swipe (renard is level 2 :sweat_smile: )

It’s possible it’s the same bug as equestors then. When you extract a spell after certain actions it does exactly this, greying the spell out like you have no rage and essentially disabling it.

No solution I know of unfortunately

I’ve got a ticket in for the equestor version of it but the bug has been there for months. It’s a very repeatable bug so if you do what you did again it will happen again


it was one time I sand dark flak so quick and cloak and make the tower freezing open it mouth, couldnt make any moment. Normally it would have fire a shot but it didnt. although the tower was hit, I think the game thought sand spell was still active so it disable casting again

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Actually your sand is not available because you have the lockdown spell available. Once you use that lockdown then sand would be available again. It’s the same with freeze/earthquake. Spells with the same effect only allows you to use one at a time

This happened this event with noctua and vines. Was greyed out from use no matter what I did in the rest of the run.

Are you sure? Typically you can’t equip spells as add ons if the spells overlap like this