Northwest alabama go fest

We are meeting at Danelias at the lodge at JoeWheeler state park.
Its in Google maps under Alabama state Park.
September28 6:pm
Bring your Dragons


You doing the event page thing through the Fest thingies?

Edit - cause I’m interested, we’re over near Huntsville, but it is worth the drive, my good friend/coworker lives on the other side of JWSP

Yes it will be at joe wheeler,we atr meeting at the restraunt at 6:pm.

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You need to sign the electronic agreement and send it to pocket gems after you click for ticket purchase.
Its required by war dragons
I will be giving out swag for door prizes,and game prizes.
I am looking forward to meeting fellow dragon lords​:green_heart::dragon:

Make sure you get 2nd confirmation that people come… and ask them to reply if not coming. I had mine last Sunday at park and a lot just didn’t show up. Without a reply to cancel. Good luck and have fun! We did have tons of food, games and fun for those who did attend!

Ok thank you! I had trouble with that eventbright app.what happens if they dont show up?

then you start selling dodo plushies :eyes:

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