Not able to access help tickets

Can someone from pg help me with this?

That looks like you can’t access the knowledge base. What happens when you hit “contact us”?

Also what device are you on?

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Apple iphone

Which iPhone? Also, to get the obvious out of the way, can you do a hard reset?

6s 11.2.6

Thanks. You definitely shouldn’t be having this issue on a 6s as long as you’re on an at least fairly recent OS. I’d guess an internet issue, but you’re able to access the forum (assuming you’re accessing the forum from the same device you’re trying to submit a ticket). Are you able to play the game normally? Did you attempt that hard reset?

If yes to both, it could be a problem with the system we use to fake an email when a requester doesn’t have an assigned email. I checked your account, and you don’t seem to have an email registered (PGID). Try creating a PGID for your account, doing a hard reset, and try submitting a ticket again.

What do you mean by hard reset? I reset my phone. I’ve been playing atlas since we were added. I’m using the same device to type this reply as I am to play the game. It’s not an internet issue. I also do have my email shown as my login. Should I log out and log back in?

A hard reset means clearing backgrounding on iOS. I took a look at your account, and you do not have an email registered to “Noblenickel”. Unless this is about a different account.

You can try logging out and logging back in, but since it looks like there’s no email registered you will likely run into an issue. Maybe you could PM me the email you want registered to the account (make sure it isn’t registered to any other account) and I can try creating a PGID for you.

Press and hold: [Home button] + [Power button]

Don’t release the buttons until after the screen goes dark AND the open Apple appears in the middle of the screen.

I do this once a week just as a precaution,

If anyone has an iPhone X: Press Up Volume button, then press Down Volume button, lastly, press and hold Power button until screen goes completely black and the open Apple icon appears.

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