Not able to declare Wars


It should be possible to inform the Players when the Teams are not able to declare War and how long it isnt possible.

Now its very suprising and the Teams can not plan when they didnt know.

How about a in game mail when the Teams cant declare Wars.


Ummmmm there was a pop up saying wars are disabled :roll_eyes:


We have a PVP event starting tomorrow. War declarations are always disabled for PVP events. Whenever you see bubbles up on all castles in Atlas, wars are disabled. The bubbles went up earlier today before they took Atlas down for the changes.


i never ger this pop up


I know that with the pvp events but when i start with the game Wars are always able to declare only on pvp events not. But since atlas is there Wars are often disabled.


It is rather when there is a big update of the game, wars are no longer possible. Because it is impossible to defend or follow someone who is not on the same version of the game. It’s been a few months since PG applies this method.


Then its impossible to do the update for every player on the same time or nearly the same time because its not fair if some players get the update a few hours earlier then the others.

I remember on the last big update i could defend in atlas way much earlier then install the new update.
So i would say the People in Europe got a little Handicap or has taken the A… card.


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