Not able to open game. Shows account banned

@PGTimber @DragonPunch

I just opened my game and it shows I have been banned from the game permanently. Can i please get the reason why I was banned?

I think I have idea why I was banned but the activity you saw from my account was Done by my brother to make me stop play the game and I can clearly tell you no other activity would be found before from my account. You can check logs.

Please revert back as i am not able to access the war dragons support in any way. and do a ticket.

They won’t tell you here, unless you page @PGJared and tell him it’s ok to post publically why you were banned. But even then, he may not….


There is no option to send a ticket over there… if I want to give a request then I m not able as i need support ticket no.


To add to what Jonesy said, there have been times where someone else has accessed a person’s device and committed acts that result in a ban but the ban was overturned. These cases are rare and you will surely want to make certain that you have the straight facts. Still no guarantees.

The website will allow you to send a ticket then, if you get no traction, you can pm DragonPunch or PGTimber with the ticket number.


Sure there is, top right, Submit a Request

And redirects to the zendesk link Zami posted :+1:

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I am not able to … @PGJared @PGTimber @DragonPunch

Pretty much solves the problem here.

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Closing this thread out. OP should be reaching out to support.