Not able to participate in the pit event

Hi war dragons team/creator.
For some reason im not able to participate in the pit event.
When i click into it,it says vacant,though it’s totally empty of any opponents for me to choose…
Can you please help me out with this problem i have so that i can participate & help out my team.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Did you recently join the team (not that it should result in the problem but just wondering if it was a factor)? Also, it’s something to report in-game if it hasn’t been already. Then, you can also include the ticket number :slight_smile:

Edit: Check InvalidUserID’s post below first.

Did you scroll down to the lowest pit? The top 3 are empty right now.


I seem to have a few problems with this event too :-/

Several players on our team are unable to get event to load to play. Several more are having it so glitchy that they are having problems completing their attacks. Really hoping they catch the gremlins soon.

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