Not actively recruiting. Please close post

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Please close. Thank you.

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Team has 45 spots >_>

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For another respite team?

A few honest questions:

  1. Why are you recruiting at all for a team that you intend to keep in Gold V? You could win every event in Gold V with a bare handful of even somewhat active players.

  2. Why are you looking for level 84+ (but willing to take players 25+)? You’re not trying to become a competitive team, or move up in leagues, so it’s not like you need players of a certain level.

  3. Isn’t it kind of a dick move to keep an Atlas team in Gold V purely for the convenience of your alts and vacationing players, when there are active teams that are desperate for Atlas?


It would be generous to offer a moribund or closing atlas team to another group that wants atlas, but failure to be generous doesn’t make you a dick.

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It’s not hard to obtain an Atlas team. @henfon

I agree. :grin:

Can you find one for me to give to a friend of a friend? I’ve been trying to find one for weeks. :eyes:

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