Not easy to erase sentences in chat

as you well know chat is a major thing in this game and i have one big problem (i think its big) that sentences cannot just deleted with backspace easily you have to press on every letter backspace button again and again its annoying.
i don’t know if its a problem for all phones mine is galaxy s9+ maybe just android but i hate that it takes me forever sometimes to delete sentences.
it also happened in my previous phone galaxy s6


I’m on an iphone 6s and haven’t had this issue :thinking: :t_rex:

Did you try holding the backspace down?

It’s laggy and annoying on almost all platforms I think.

yes i did try its just do nothing but lough at me lol

I have an S8 and also have this problem. Sometimes it’s faster to just quit the game and restart than erase a whole sentence.

Android problem…

a way to fix this is install an additional key board app.
I agree they should fix this bug in-game but that is a quick solution if you want to use

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I don’t know…Never had this problem! Only use IOS

But if it’s widespread on android devices then yeah installing the additional keyboard is a good idea but you definitely shouldn’t have to do that!

Maybe on the next update they can focus some of those bug/lag fixes on the original game and not just Atlas :roll_eyes:

Try select all then start typing new sentence

I have samsung S8, and had the same problem. Now I just select all and delete, and then start over again.

Another one with this problem since ages.

It’s only android version and is a hell to try to delete a sentence.

I just figured that out yesterday…so muchtime wasted deleting before that.

On my S7 sometimes the select all and cut or just start typing crashes my app.

This is your answer @meki1977

Try it.

It’s not all droids, my pixel works practically perfect and I do prefer it profusely.

(sorry, brain bubble…)


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