Not enough ascension tokens - Morgorot

So… I have six ascension tokens from this season, but when trying to ascend Morgorot, I get a pop up that says not enough. It’s asking for 2 ascension tokens. I’m confused by it honestly. I had the same issue with Zeph, but eventually it just worked. Any idea what I’m missing or what the trick is? TIA

you need 8 ascension tokens to ascend a dragon


It costs 8 tokens to ascend him. The 2 it is saying is that you’re 2 short. It’s very poorly explained in game. Also he’s not worth ascending

Claim his skin though for 1 token. You get 2 back in the next prize so you net gain 1 token.


Ah! Gotcha. That makes sense. Thank you both!


I’m just going to put him on the perch. I don’t really fly warriors, but something to do while I’m waiting for breed lol :woman_shrugging:t3:

That was fixed already.


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