Not enough sigils, too many black pearls in gold chests

I’d say that now that they have the technology with Draconian chests PG could if they so wanted implement the same system for all chests…

3 maxed perches, you stop getting pearl drops
over 5k healing potions, you stop getting healing potions
over 5k 30% base boosts, stop getting those
over 500k ice or fire shards, yep, no longer get those

All those requests to revamp gold chests would be taken care of and players would have earned getting better rewards out of chests.

I’m sure there is some issue I haven’t thought of, but it’d certainly make chests relevant to what players need.


It’s not intuitive, but the Gold Chests contents differ per event. Above all, they are randomized. The epic and legendary sequences change each event. You’ll have to open a fair amount of chests to get the average (~20 sigil per chest).

Take a look at the info icon for specific drops. For example:

  • PvP Gold chests have IF and Energy Packs.
  • Breeding gold chests have Ice and Fire Shards.
  • Fortification gold chests have Ice and Fire Shards and Embers.

Generally, breeding is considered the worst time to open chests.

Also, take a look at Zamarinthe’s spreadsheets in Guides and Resources for average chest drops per event.


Dude, … drop rates you need too pay attention too. It’s not always going too drop in 10 gold chests it sometimes takes 30 gold chests or 20 plus the odds are decreased in none PvP events.

They decreased it because of more chests most likely.

Also why was this flag? I kinda am cringing at this too

I opened gold chests during breeding because i got 10 gold chests from talariok line and expected sigils. If there were sigil drops, i would continue with 50% percent line further. I opened them because 50% off will be invalid after this event.

I am open to suggestions and critism but more support may get the attention of PG and you may get more sigils. I opened 119 gold chests during previous pvp and got 2125 sigils. This is also pretty low.

That seems pretty average tbh. 1k is around 20-25k for me at least. I would recommend saving up and opening them in bulk. 1-2k at a time.


It’s not random, it is table driven, and you can see exactly what you will get on your next open here (thanks to Fiery, not PG):


I don’t have maxed perches, but I still don’t want any more pearls. Make them optional prizes in sigil lines.

They all ready are.

That is also a pretty low amount of chests that you opened. For some reason people seem to think they should be able to finish a line with about the number of gold chests youd get from that line

Save your gold and bronze chests and up, dont open them this season and then open them all at the start of next season and you’ll get a really good start on the spring discounts

Never open during breeding, the chests are full of junk and pvp items are some of the most important items to get since half a season is pvps


Yes, I mean only optional. Unfortunately they are also compulsory, e.g. at the end of lines.

This only open during pvp absolutism is out of control. OP had a decent idea to open chests to get more discount prizes. He just didn’t open enough chests.

Breed golds are great when you need eggs, fort golds are necessary for embers, and pvp golds have a decent mix of eggs and timers and are needed for pvp items. All of them have filler items.


Thanks @tinbru, he already mentioned it.

Additionally opening chest during breed /fort event gonna have lots of food/lumber pack, low sigils drops compared to PVP events.

Recent days, drakonian chests are better of egg tokens and Mystic fragment drops.

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No no no
Leave same drop rates and items for everyone
Let’s switch this around. So once you have 2k inners or energy crates gold chests shouldn’t drop you more? I mean it’s same logic just different type of rss
Since saying that for pearls, ice or fire shards would just make new recruits suffer while you get better option of rss and perform better in events with more rewards to take.

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Maybe it’s the author or someone who hates you

They want them to stop dropping after you have enough to max the perches, because why should they continue to drop you can’t use them anymore. Honestly I’d like them to stop dropping as well, I’m not a spender so I’m never going to need 3 maxed perches I have enough now to max the perch I use so why would I want anymore.

Pvp resources you always need and you’ll always be able to spend so that comparison is kinda terrible.

It’s not equal that way for everyone. Just creates bigger gap between those who played longer and works in their favor. I don’t need pearls or ice/fire shards still it’s not fair to those who don’t have 500k shards or pearls.

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Hueso shards you stop getting after you have enough to max it. Do you think those shouldn’t stop either? It’s the same thing. Once you have enough pearls to max all your perches you should stop getting them

Your not forced to get Draconic chests. However you are forced to get gold chests from prizes and branches. Can’t compare those 2. It’s like potato and apple

In your shoes, I would probably have committed to spending rubies to open Gold chests during PvP. Any golds I get during breeding would be banked for next season. If you dont have rubies going into this season, gotta cut back on your ruby outflows lol.

I only spend rubies on gold chests and super sigil chests. Platinum chests are iffy because of the high variance and draconics have relatively lower sigil drops.

Draconics are attractive because of PvP item drops and the lack of ice, fire, pearl drops. If you were going for a mythic last season, the draonic chests at the end of Huesos line were a very attractive deal if you think of the 18k sigils as a sunk cost for keys.