Not getting any chest


Not getting any chest


Attack higher level bases


M At lvl 44 … i attked lvl57 player 3 times bt didnt get any chest !! Happening most f the time


Hey Dracy, you offering your base??


attack something like 30 bases and if you still can’t get any chest and you get rubies, contact support for additional help.


Hey oddin i saw ur all videos !! Thnx for u tips


I was gonna offer yours🙄
Put away some of your towers for them🔨


Okay thnx !! Bt i alreAdy attked so many times … anywys will again try


yeah just keep attacking and if you want to contact support, just contact them, they can help you with that.


Okay😊 thnx for rply


Ihey do we get super sigil chest on run !! Or these r avail by rubies only


Rubies only.


Oohh !! Dnt hv rubies ! Anyways thnx so much


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