Not getting any chests


Not getting any chests. And when I try to create a ticket it says unable to connect. I feel really disheartened. Anyone got any suggestions?


in that case you can use this link:

you will need the Support ID, which can be found under SETTINGS > ABOUT tab, Support ID on the top.

If you are on Android, first try closing the game and clearing the cache. That works for me, usually for the first try.


Thanks. I’m an Apple user so iPad in m case.


If you see packs with spells in them, you can try a reinstall first. Make sure that you remember your Pocket ID login by logging into the forums vs connecting in-game, if you don’t need to login for that (not sure if it was ever fixed).

It’s possible that you’ve been hit by the bug that they haven’t been able to track down, yet, too, though :frowning: