Not getting any XP, shard or gold bonus when attacking mine/poacher

Hey everyone,
@PGDave @pgEcho

Since yesterday evening I am not receiving any XP, shard or gold bonuses from our infrastructure when attacking a mine or Poacher.

Uninstall/Reinstall did not fix it so does not look like it‘s a pure local issue. It started when you had your major iOS related server issue some hours ago, as per this thread:

Just before these issues started it was all fine but my game issues started with this and ended as mentioned in the linked thread without any login to game. This has been fixed as per DragonPunch‘s message - but these Atlas issues persist unfortunately.

Can you please double check and fix this?


Is your home set in a neutral zone?

(sorry just dong the basic troubleshooting)

Thanks for asking, but no, it is not set to neutral and was not changed when the issues started. Even setting it to neutral and then re-setting it to our castles did not resolve it.

Could you screenshot me what it looks like when you have tapped on a mine and the radial screen has popped up?

Screenshots delivered via PM to you.

@pgEcho Any progress / news on this?

It is fixed now.

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