NOt getting chest

Hello PG.
M hardly getting any chest since the training event started … i tried to attk high lvl player bt didnt get any chest
Plz fix this
I am about to delete app reinstalling again … what precautions shud i take to recover my account again
Thank you … plz reply

Make sure you have a “pocket ID” (PG account)

Chests are chance. So it goes that way sometimes. I’ve hit 30 people for 2 bronze chests in one night the next night I hit 4 and get 9. It’s a roll of the dice.

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Yes on account option there is a long alphabetical pocket id …

Yea i agree bt today i attcked 50-60times and got only one bronze

It’s the way it is… it all balances out in the end… think of the xp, food, possible gold you got from all those runs as well as just better knowledge of flying your dragons… (optimist to the end)

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Something is definitely wrong. Bronze chests are not dropping from last 4 hours. It was alright before that. From last 2 hour I have not noticed even single chest drop. I tried defended, undefended, chest farms, xp farms etc. but no success. Can you folks check and report in this thread?

I’ve been getting chest drops all day :man_shrugging:t3:

As an aside, the title of this thread makes me wish I still had my TL3 status so I could fix it. #neverforgetTL3


My slightly OCD nature is also driven nuts by the title of this thread :joy::joy:

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