Not getting chests

Is anyone else getting chests from attacks ? I haven’t gotten any during my recent attacks and neither has my partner, I have also sent ticket, no response as of yet

I’m getting a ton of chest… but my attacks are in atlas

Been getting a few bronze but rarely. It’s all down to RNG I’m afraid. And that mythical beast we know as PG.

Hmm I haven’t had any yet, I had 30 bronze chests that I saved and the contents where a let down also, I know they are bronze chests but opening 10 at a time usually gains something of good use

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Try to attack harder bases, you should get some.

Okay I’ll go try, let you know how it goes

There are mission bases, chests bases and xp bases on this link if you like to find a suitable base around your level :blush:

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Thank you, attacking higher is giving me some bronze :grin:

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Yay! I’m glad for you! Go burn some bases! :grin:

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I’ve been non stop burning now haha :grin::grin::grin:

I’ve attacked bases 30+ above me and destroyed all the monuments and got zero chests. This is a treasure hunt with no treasure.


I was the same but as I said, they started working again, raise a ticket if it’s still happening

Me too. I try lower level, higher level, challenge base in matching list and even attack without Divide dragon. Still no chest. Plus my dragons take long time to heal. :cry:


I’ve got a few they don’t seem to be dropping as frequently as in recent events I hit some bases for xp that throw a lot of chest normally that are still lower than normal.

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