Not getting egg tokens

I’m not being credited for egg token missions at all. I’m also not receiving the daily egg token payout. After completing a mission or tapping the Treasury Balance button, my egg token counter does not go up. This has been happening for at least 18 hours. I intended to do all my egg token missions as soon as they become available so I’ll be prepared for breeding event, but now I’m losing out on all of those. I created a support ticket. Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem.

How many do you have right now? I think some time after you pass 100k it only updates the numbers on screen after you complete a full thousand.

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I have 104k. I hope that’s what is happening. Thank you so much!

I had this issue myself once and messaged support. They told me the egg tokens were being properly credited to my account.

@LizDrakemoor You were right. I did another mission, and the count went up to 105k. I really appreciate your help. :smiley:

Yup, I reported it too. For me, it’s been going on for over a week. sometimes I get credit for the mission, but most of the time not. i’ve got two tickets open for it. i tried a bunch of stuff hoping it was on my end (closing out the game, rebooting phone, trying to play on another device), but no joy. It bugs too because I’m seeing that in many cases I’m not getting the XP credit either and I’ve used up a bunch of healing potion to test out different things hoping to resolve it (or hoping to get the payout while the events are going on). No word back from them yet on it

I have been having the same problem I can complete 2 missions and not get all my eggs either

I wish they would increase the significant figures that we could see on our RSS if we clicked on it to “explore”. Not that it has a drastic impact, but it would be nice to know that tokens were being deposited properly :+1:

Guys, if you are above the 100k mark, then doing a mission worth 80 tokens isn’t going to bring you up to the next 1000 mark. You need to do 1000 tokens worth of missions to get the number to go up. It’s simply a rounding/display issue, not the fact that you aren’t getting tokens


Thank you for the information

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