Not getting help from support


@PGJared could you please check out my account. I cannot get support to understand my issue. Maybe it will get better addressed here.
This is an intermittent problem but definitely there. When I collect my resources they do not always go to my storage. They disappear. I awoke to no resources at all today. I wrote support. They told me to send SS. I did. The only thing they said is “based on my SS” everything is fine. No!! It isn’t! I have no resource protection, Support tells me I have no resources because I’ve been attacked alot.well… It isn’t logging. I show only one attack and they won very little. I am also not always receiving defend flags. Thank you in advance.


I’m sorry I’ve never had that problem before


The attack log will only ever show the last attack, regardless of how many times you were attacked. There is a small window after logging in where you can click the the black pop up window above buildings that will show more of the attackers. It only shows once & not for long either.


The attack log only showing the last attack is a limitation they put on Android :confused: (said it was causing crashes, ref below). iOS gets to see multiple, though I don’t remember how far back it goes offhand.

March 28, earlier this year, CL wrote that it’s been a year or two since android engineers were talking about a higher crash rate in the Android app when they upped the replays.


Not anymore; iOS here:

This happened after the last update.


Weird… I went to double check, and I see nine total going back as far as eight days… and a “new” one with no team for both attacker and defender going back to 17493d ago (~48 years…) :joy: (oh, disappeared on second replay check)


Can you post your ticket number?


#447378 is my ticket nimber and thank you for looking into it. I run on IOS as well


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