Not getting our moneys worth!


I for one, am very disappointed in the Mythic Obsidians. Mythics should have at minimum, one white spell. Mafic would have been better served by having either white explosive shield or some type of red shield. It has basically same spell set as Lumina. Worse yet is Girasol… isolation is a worthless spell and Malific breath worse. Should have put a red shield or white spell…explosive shield. These Mythics are more expensive and much harder to obtain, so their power should be better than lesser/legendary obsidians?
Please take this to the developers and consider-seriously, making a change. I know I’m not the only player that is disappointed??
Thank you


Has something changed with explosive shield recently? I thought it was one of the least desirable spells out there against high level towers since it got 1 shot KO’d by nearly everything


Explosive shield sucks :joy:, but he has a valid point though.

Would be nice if mythics were mythical and not breeders.

I’m very partial to a proper heat shield :yum: easily one of the best warrior spells for negating and healing.

Girasol sucks, there is a thread somewhere discussing him.

Mafic isnt bad. And rhyo decent as well. Could mafic be better - ofc. But the upcoming tweak would probably be good enough. Harder to master than noctua, but not bad.

Rhyo is pretty decent as a follower.


Explosive shield lmao no.

As to the broader point, I agree and said so in the relevant balancing thread. We’ve had 3 tiers in a row where a legendary hunter is widely regarded as better than the mythic. That’s not good. Also the creativity has seemed to go down too. All the Sapphire and I think Garnet mythics had unique skills (or at least had unique elements to them) when they were introduced. Haven’t looked hard at Girasol but there is nothing unique about the other 2 Obsidian mythics. Their spells are present on the legendaries and don’t operate all all differently on the mythics. Perhaps the requirement to churn out more and more dragons each season is wearing down the dragon creation folks at PG, idk.

I’ve spend the most time with Mafic out of the Obsidians and my main complaint is that Flash is virtually useless and Lightspeed is actually not fun mechanically to use. Tapping like a maniac to eke out a little extra DPS is lame. I hope the upcoming rebalance succeeds in addressing these issues.


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