Not getting points or prizes in pvp


I don’t have the unrealistic expectation that events and new content always roll out without issues and I understand that this event along with others will be retired due to known issues and it being more difficult to work out the code as opposed to simply developing some new events. What really gets to me right now is the lack of response from PG regarding the very evident fact that many are prevented from participating in this event despite being “eligible”. Three on my team alone have this issue, we’ve all submitted tickets and none of us are getting relevant assistance. Copy and paste response from support that they’re aware of issues and looking into them doesn’t compensate me or others for not being able to participate. It’s understandable for PG to not comment within hours about this but come on it’s been days now. Can a PG employee please comment on the “eligible” status in event when many can’t participate and advise of the method of subtmitting evidence and receiving compensation? In my personal situation, my former event logs could be reviewed to see that i consistently obtain at least the first 20 event prizes and I had more than enough energy to do so in this event as well. PG can even pull energy packs off my account as if I had participated so that I can get the sigils, rubies and egg tokens I’d have gotten from doing the event. Missing 1/12 of the season is a lot to miss from an event standpoint considering we can’t obtain divine dragon progress on seasonal dragons after a season has ended.


The same thing has happened to me. I have been attacking fortresses but the wall hp doesn’t get changed and I am also not getting any points that say I have destroyed wall hp even though I have destroyed many enemy bases with 100%


43 minutes before atrack forts means that you joined during treasure hunt phase, meaning that event has already started. That means that you will not be able to earn points in this event. That’s the same for all pvp events.


It says that she’s eligible which means that she should be able to score points


As said above, there is a glitch that even when “eligible” is shown, the player can’t earn points. I think this is what’s happening here plus the fact that OP changed teams after the event started.


I’m pretty sure previously if you changed teams during treasure hunt it was still ok. Seems to have changed this event.


Ur creators faction :joy: must be close enough :woman_facepalming:


I’ve experienced this as well and have been told it is because I switched during thr event despite it being in the first hour of treasure hunt which is pretty unfair as you can’t even score points then. In addition, one of my friends did the same to another team but has been able to score points just not the team quests which I think would be more fair. Mine also says eligible and I concur with what the other people have said, missing a week’s worth of prizes is a huge hit for a lot of us, fewer tokens for breeding which is so soon, fewer rubies and sigils has left a really sour taste in my mouth. Plus wasting energy packs now that can’t be claimed back. I’m just sad that i haven’t been able to help my team out at all and the response has been absolutely awful from PG :frowning:


Maybe you should research and see what Creators Faction actually is and how it’s tied to PG rofl.


Hey coach, while you’re at it returning all those sigils and energy can you give me an extra 1 miiiiillliiioooonn rubies please? Thanks!


What do you need to show that I am eligible to participate in king of the hill


As Red was trying to point out, there is a glitch where accounts which are ineligible are displaying eligible incorrrctly.

I’m not sure if there is more going on but I swapped my alt for a new player and it shows that player eligible, but that player can not earn points. (But I expected they would not be able to)

So the first question you should ask
Is if you switched teams. Ignore the eligible status. If you switched teams, this is likely why it’s not giving you points.

In groups I’ve also seen PG responses to tickets saying it’s a visual glitch when it shows eligible.


I thought if you switched during treasure hunt it was ok?


Apparently not anymore? :woman_shrugging:


it’s been hit or miss for me. I don’t think PG has ever said it was safe during treasure hunts. But yeah it usually seems to work

Either way, the OP seems to be stuck on how it says eligible, which is known to be wrong during the current event. Eligible cannot be trusted currently.


Well, last time I swithched teams I was about level 30? So I’ve not run into this issue :sweat_smile:


Yeah it’s more visible to team leaders and officers who deal with swapping players.

I don’t think I’ve ever changed teams on my main.


My alt join a new team today and able to collects individual points and it’s sunday


Same happened to me. And no, I don’t switch teams. I can do nothing except attacks for nothing. So anyone has an answer for this?


It has been in the last few. If this has changed simply letting players know could have prevented alot of unnecessary support tickets. A little consistency would be so nice. :confused: