Not getting points or prizes in pvp


Look if you changed during the said treasure hunt on Wednesday US time then you will not be eligible even if a little event thing says you are. Literally it has always worked like that and trying to get something because your event says eligible will not work. Have some common sense and realized you changed during a event. Event starts during treasure hunt for pvp


The mysticshadow account in that photo was moved after the treasure hunt from my main team to let another player in. The mysticshadow account is getting points the other account isnt. Both moved at the exact same time. And the account that isnt getting credited points was able to add barricades.

And also before you tell me to use common sense know the facts.


Strange you get credit for adding barricades. Looks like you need to submit a ticket. Hopefully they will give you credit for your hits.

I would ask why you didn’t notice this earlier as there were only two full days left in event when you posted this. Sorry, hope not too late for you.


A ticket was submitted within hours of the event starting, no real support received. A copy paste response stating there ar known issues under investigations is the extent of my support response so far.


Ah. Well I hope they can give you credit for your progress. Maybe @ Jared with your ticket number?


Same issues however didn’t change teams and was given the usual run down to try and fix it then basically told to sit tight and wait patiently that we have just noticed it’s a problem in the community. Let me clarify issues, couldn’t do quests they wouldn’t register as well as not registering points for attacks in war no wall points basiclt locked out competition and when I attacked even followed by teammates wouldn’t register energy being used.




Think you meant to tag @PGJared


Thx mate :slight_smile:


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