Not happy with current Atlas Server?

Not happy with the current Atlas server?
Make a new Atlas server every new dragon tier release. Leave the current server up and running and let those who have spent money there continue to play. Let any player who wishes to stay on Server 1 stay and play. Open a new server call it server 2. Any player that wishes to go to server 2, starts at level 1 just like starting over. Leagues start at Gold. Atlas is provided immediately at level 1. Keep all the same mechanics and so forth. Following new dragon tier release, Make server 3. Those players who wish to stay on server 1 and 2 may do so and not lose any money spent. They can continue their quest for server domination. Those players who wish to start on Server 3 may do so but again they would have to start at level 1.
Allow each player to maintain their current accounts on Server 1 at the same level and all the goodies they have acquired. But let them start new on a fresh server even being able to utilize same name. But each player would have to have a separate email for each server they wish to play on.
This achieves many things:

  1. As each new server opens, each player has to start at level 1, This ensures a nice cash flow for PG as players start “New” accounts on new servers.
  2. This allows the current server to stay and not “negatively impact” what a player has accumulated.
  3. By opting for a new server for each dragon tier to be released, it allows for player retention , even if one team or faction dominates another server.
  4. If developers make a big change to how things play…ie mechanics…Then new servers could be called WD2 the New World or something. This will allow the developers the flexibility to change things and those subsequent servers would be called NW 1, NW 2, and so forth. Once the first new World server comes online, No Old WD1 servers would be created, However, past servers could continue playing on the old servers they currently want to play on.
  5. This allows each and every player, team, and maybe 5ta a chance to “dominate” any new server.
    Many mobile games do this now “Evony” is one such example.
    Developers don’t have to open new server every new dragon tier. This was just an example of when they could this. It could be once a year or whatever.
    The possibilities are endless, but key here is having the opportunity to have a place where everyone can start on an “even playing field”, while not taking away anything from the current server/players and what has been accumulated over years.


Currently War Dragons is played on 1 single server with one single Atlas map.
Idea was to create another server just like the current
There would be log in center for War Dragons, with a link to each server
You would have to create a separate email for EACH server you play on
If you only want to play on current server. Great stay on server 1 and continue to play.
Anyone wishing to play on server 2 would have to create anew email. and start on Server 2.
But by starting new on a new server, everyone would start at level 1.

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I would like to think this would work, however the length of time it takes to get to anywhere near a semblance of ‘end game’ or the money required wouldn’t make it attractive to most people. It would also end up in exactly the same state the current server is in.


well ,i don’t like the idea


Being perpetual as it is, Many players on Evony, Me included played on multiple servers. I would spend on the new server to get my account going strong and having the knowledge of how to build and what to do is a huge advantage. One thing is for sure, Each player starts at the same exact spot and it would be an even playing field. I firmly believe, many players would migrate to new servers and spend as well as stay on the current server as well.
on the current server, I will not spend. WHY?? Because even if I do spend starting right now, I will never ever be able to dominate in Atlas on this server… I am way to far behind, and like many have made many mistakes in both breeding and building of my base. But, on next server, I have this knowledge of how things work and can immediately start to profit from that knowledge and I am more apt to spend to stay at or be at a higher leve/place than the next player is. I can still keep playing on the current server and so forth as I won’t lose anything and can continue using that as my learning server so to speak.

Great you don’t like theidea…Then you can continue playing on server 1 with all the bells and whistles you have gotten on server 1.
I will continue to play on server 1 as well… BUT, I would play another server as well starting over with a full fresh game. Everyone would start at level 1 if a player chooses to play server 2 or a subsequent server.
By all means, if you don’t want to play another server, simple…Don’t play on another server and continue playing on server 1.

While I understand the concept and have played many games where this concept is applied, this would cause stagnation of servers very quickly and as it was mentioned by previous members, it takes years to reach end game regardless of activity unless you spend a stupid amount of money on this game which is easy to do since the packs are not worth the price and as you closer to end game it would cost a mortgage to make any kind of a dent in progression.


No more stagnation then there is now. While it may take a while to get to end game, using server 1’s as an example isn’t exactly accurate. Most players now have a much better understanding of how to build and breed which would speed things up. Couple that with the changes PG has made to enable faster leveling ( eliminating the old sapphire wall, the level 300 wall and so forth, and giving each player Atlas access immediately greatly reduces that time frame.

This wouldn’t work here. The cost to get to end game and time required is absurd here. Years or thousands. No one will take up a reset, and even if a few do it would be a ghost town or a place that alts go. It would be very difficult to run meaningfully.

I know if I needed to reset at all to try new mechanics I would never try them.

And if it resets every tier, that is almost impossible to even close to end game without HUGE spending.

War dragons isn’t a game that will work with spending well. It just isn’t built with it in mind. I really don’t think any established players want to do the whole grind again. Especially as it would involve abandoning your old team, or running events twice if you run on both. I just don’t see the demand for a feature like this


While I can appreciate this is your opinion and may not work for you. Try to limit your responses to just your opinion and not that of others. Just because it wouldn’t be right for you, don’t mean that others wouldn’t want to try it. Obviously this particular Gaming concept works and is profitable as many other games use this business model.
As mentioned before comparing the current server to any new server would not be accurate as the game has changed in it’s 6 years. As one who started this game within it’s first year, I have seen numerous changes to help lower levels progress. This here is an alt account playing on a Plat 2 team simply as it cannot compete with Diamond level play. However, I have another smaller alt that i started less than 6 months ago and is already well into the level 200’s without any spending and without any elites. This current server did not have atlas access in the beginning and once went into beta only certain layers had it. So yes I was around and played Beta which took ages to move anywhere, When Portals were extremely useful and hated, when boats were a thing. SO , now that most player have the hang of things but are woefully unable to compete in a server where they will NEVER dominate, why not give the option for others and all to start fresh WITHOUT taking away those things others have accumulated over the last 6 years. A server that starts with NO teams, no castles, no nothing but has access to Atlas. Let them form new teams, new 5ta’s on a new open map. PG simply cannot do this to server 1 as it would really be unfair to those who have spent money. SO starting a new server gives a new opportunity to others who may want that chance. I speak only for myself here in saying I would at least want to give it a try if I was PG. It could be very profitable for them. If they don’t see the playing or spending, they could always discontinue after that. Again only speaking for myself, I would spend on any new server created as I feel there would be value for me there. As it is on this server, I don’t spend anything, not even for elites anymore.

I wouldn’t go to a new server. When the old one dies because there aren’t as many people left playing on it (as will happen) I will just quit and find a new game instead.

I’ve been on those games with servers opening every X weeks and Y amount closing at the same time. I very quickly left (within a month). They were geared towards massive amounts of spending. A low spender or free to play just couldn’t compete past week 3. Surely I’m not the only one who thinks this way and would just quit War Dragons if PG turned this game into that kind of play style.

Once you start splitting a game up into servers, you will start splitting your spender base. Once that is done, some servers no longer are profitable or are now in the red in terms of expense to maintain vs income. So they get shut down. Servers aren’t cheap. You can bet that once that first server no longer is in the black, it will get shut down. There goes your years worth of work you thought you could keep and there goes those players with it.

Edit: You couldn’t just split Atlas in this case. You would have to split the entire game in order to reset everyone back to level 1, new teams, etc.


Agreed. I played a game like that before. Each month is a new server and it’s all reset.

What happened was server 1 died other than the whales who spent all the money.

F2P people went to the new server because there were great prizes for the top 5 in events for example. But if you lost an event there was no reason to keep trying. Quit for a month and wait for the next one. So shortly after the server opened it was desolate again.

The fact that I played this game for a few months and can’t even remember the name is telling.

Also with this approach you fragment the community which is the one strength war dragons has over most games I’ve played. They’re are toxic players here, but by and large the players here will fiercely fight in events and atlas and then help each other and BS in chats and have a good time.

You won’t get that when we’re divided across 83 servers and it’ll be much easier to just not play if you don’t get the ideal start you hoped for.

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We can’t even fill this server lol
Multiple servers are something we should be forced to use lmao
But this game is not growing!
And I have pointed out what and why many times :+1:

I have played mobile tactical games online where I was the leader of the training team it had 250 active players…. yes daily players because if you weren’t logging in daily!
I’d boot you. lol

The teams main consisted of 150 very active players 2-4 hrs a day
The elite combat wing was 100 players who played 4+ hours a day

Teams were 500 not 50 and I had players knocking my door to get in :man_shrugging:
If this game had a objective and a balanced economy we would need more servers and this game would not be a ghost town!
Sorry Pgs decided to use acquisition of defense on the map and pg refuses to adjust and tune economy by density!
It’s been 4 years since the drop rate has been adjusted :man_facepalming:
Yep because it’s more profitable to use acquisition and let the economy remain stagnant.
So not a bad idea but pg would actually have to invest heavily in the game lol

WD does not run on a single server. It runs on a combination of servers, each with dedicated functions, that work together to make the environment we play in.

They could downsize the overall environment and replicate that into multiple environments to handle the same number of users, but in a more distributed manner. I’m not sure they would due to the time and cost involved in implementing the changes.


Try to limit what you think my opinion should be and try not to assume I don’t have a relative understanding of how a significant number of people would react to telling them they would have to restart what is essentially years worth of work to try something new.

I’ve played for years. I’ve seen people BE reset to level one and quit because of it. Don’t get me wrong they were cheaters and reset rightly so.

Of course it does. For games designed for it. Games built from the ground up for it. This isn’t one of those.

Absolutely. But you are asking people to reset years of their time here. You are asking them to throw away all the money and time they spent to do that. Not just atlas progress. But all of it. In a game that takes this long to get up there. And you mention level 200. That isn’t relevant. Not even close. Hell level 400s aren’t relevant.

That’s fair. I get that. For me if I had to restart for any reason you couldn’t pay me to do it again.

Again. I do not see the demand for this. An entire reset is such bad tasting pill to swallow. You give up teams, progress, literally everything. For a CHANCE of a being relevant. And sure you might not compete with the current tops. But this would give maybe the top 10% a chance of a change of status quo. Assuming the current tops don’t multitask and just do it twice.

And if you divide servers enough, there won’t be enough people to make it work


Yep need a growing game to even consider that lol
And yep 100% agree this games just not built to convert easily to that setup would be more cost effective to simply build a whole new game and interface :man_shrugging:
But I would love for war dragons to grow so large thay we needed a
Second server! :rofl:

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like say fifa mobile :roll_eyes: ,glad i found this game :sweat_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:

I have 3 accounts…
I will never start a new one again :dizzy_face:

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confused screaming why would we need a new Server cause I read the title then saw all the text and wasn’t even interested in reading all that text cause I’m pretty sure adding a new server would cause more problems